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Since the time of its announcement in 2013, Dubai and the rest of the world have been excitedly waiting for Dubai Expo 2020. As Dubai does not do anything half-heartedly, the same can be expected about the expo as well. A separate city (Dubai South) has been built for hosting this event. Although Dubai Expo 2020 has been delayed by a year due to the Covid19 pandemic, the dates have been rescheduled, and the current dates of the event are October 1��� 2021 to March 31��� 2022.

The main theme of Dubai Expo 2020 is ���Connecting Minds, Creating the Future���. The expo would be held at an area that covers 438-hectares and consists of 3 districts based on the sub-themes of the event, i.e. Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. There is also a central pavilion, Al Wasl Plaza, which connects all the districts. With the tickets to Dubai Expo 2020, you would be able to enter the place from any of the 4 entrances.
Dubai Expo 2020 would bringunder one roof. You would get to enjoy the architecture, culture, technological advancements, and innovation of each of these countries through their pavilions. Apart from this, you would get to see musical shows by renowned artists, interesting parades, glamorous fashion shows, graceful dance performances, and ground-breaking talks, almost every day of the event. Moreover, Dubai Expo 2020 also promises some incredible culinary and shopping experiences as well.
One of the major highlights of Dubai Expo 2020 is the 65-meter dome, which would act as a 360o screen at night time. It is something that people are most excited about.
Dubai Expo 2020 promises a one-of-a-kind event that no one has ever seen. If you wish to be a part of this historical experience, book your Dubai Expo 2020 tickets now!

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