Dubai Garden Glow



AED د.إ65.00 / Person



Dubai Garden Glow is the most distinctive theme park, enhancing the World of Creation and Imagination with a special distinctive idea. Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, and Magic Park are three fantastic theme parks that you may all visit in one location.

Dubai Garden Glow is a business that opened in the heart of the city in 2015. All age groups are entertained and drawn to this special leisure area to explore it and take part in the enjoyment. Children may enjoy interactive fun in the dedicated educational zone at Dubai Garden Glow. For those who enjoy eating, there is a sizable food tent with specialties from all over the world.

There are live music performances and other performances by some of the top artists in the UAE, in addition to its imaginative installations. The primary attractions are Sea World, My Dubai, Ice Park, Dinosaur Park, Glow Park, Magical Nights, Colorful World, Happiness Street, and Happy Forest.

The fact that Dubai Garden Glow is situated in the center of the city is its finest feature. Through the Al Jafaliya Metro station, a taxi, or a private rental, you may get there. In the evening, the Park is illuminated in a variety of hues. There are other interactive games, such as talking trees. In addition, there is a lovely miniature Burj Khalifa and a few other well-known sights.


The Park often opens at 4:00 PM and is open until 1:00 AM. The Dubai Garden Glow open from Nov till May while it’s closed in the remaining months due to hot weather.


In essence, Zabeel Park's Dubai Garden Glow is a huge garden. Many families make this well-named garden a must-see location on their trip to Dubai since it shines so brilliantly at night. This place is a miracle since everything you see was made with biodegradable materials, which is a beautiful thing. With such amazing LED artworks, attractions inside, and unbelievable replicas like an eco-friendly Burj Khalifa, your visit to this venue will be nothing short of amazing. Even taking a stroll would seem impossible here. To get the most out of your trip to Dubai, go while the glow garden is open.

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