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One of the most recent additions to the tourist attractions is Dubai Frame. Dubai keeps coming up with fresh ideas and offering new tourist attractions. The Frame is a famous building in Dubai's Zabeel Park. The Guardian newspaper has been called "the biggest picture frame on the planet."

Out of 926 submissions, the design was chosen as the 2009 ThyssenKrupp Elevator International Award winner. An symbol to promote "the new face for Dubai" was requested from participants throughout the globe. The Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park, one of Dubai's largest parks. Nearby, there are no tall towers to be seen. Dubai Frame is the structure with the best view of Dubai because of its height. According to The Guardian, the Dubai Frame is the biggest man-made frame in the whole globe.
Just before dusk is when you may view Dubai Frame at its finest. This suggests that you may see Dubai throughout the day, at night, and in all of its neon splendor. If there is a lot of dust or fog there, you won't have the finest view. Dubai Frame not only teaches, but it also amuses. It is informative and energizing to comprehend the vision of its leadership, which is backed up by bold action.


  • The frame is designed by the award-winning architect Fernando Donis
  • The frame is 150 meters high and 93 meters wide.
  • In the ground floor of the Dubai frame, there is a museum which showcases that how Dubai transforms into a metropolis city of the world.
  • It is designed in such a way that the exterior gives the color of Expo 2020.
  • Both towers of the frame are connected to each other by a 100-square-meter bridge, which has a 25-square-meter glass panel in the middle offering a great 360-degree view.
  • The project cost more than Dhs 150 million
  • It is located in one of the prime locations which give you the opportunity to see both Old and New Dubai. It can be easily accessed through metro or taxi. The nearest metro station is Al Jafaliya and ADCB metro station.


The Dubai Municipality intended for Frame Dubai to become a well-known tourist destination, and it has succeeded in doing so. Every day, hundreds of tourists swarm to see Dubai from two different perspectives. Only 200 visitors are allowed on the main bridge each hour in order to guarantee that as many tourists as possible may admire the magnificence of the Dubai Frame.
On the upper deck, the action happens. You use the "capsule" elevator, which offers a thorough view of the surroundings of Zabeel Park's nature. As soon as you enter the sky deck, the Present Dubai emerges. Contact us for booking.

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