Q: How are we going to receive the tickets?

Ans: The eTickets will be sent via email.

Q: Can I book tickets on the day and go at the same time?

Ans: Yes of course, tickets are available. You just have to inform if you will go the same day or you are buying in advance.

Q: How can I be sure your company is legal?

Ans: Company established 2004, you can go to our office and we will warmly welcome you.

Q: I selected cash on delivery, when are you going to send the delivery person?

Ans: Delivery person will reach depends on your location and depends if deliveries are fully booked.

Q: How to pay in in your website?

Ans: Once done with booking we will send payment link in your email. You will pay the amount shown on the link.

Q: Does the tickets emailed to me immediately after I pay?

Ans: Tickets will be emailed after processing. Tickets will be sent depends on when you need it and what tickets do you need.

Q: Do I need to take a print of the eTickets you sent me?

Ans: eTickets doesn’t need to be printed, simply save the eTickets to your phone. Scan the eTickets at the gate and you can enter.